“let not the sun go down upon your wrath”

We’re going to bed angry. It’s amazing how quickly a persons mood can change. I have this problem, when texting, I don’t read the messages I receive thoroughly before responding to them. Because of this, my replies tend not to have any relation to what the person was talking about. I try to remember to do it, but sometimes, I could even read things 10 times over I’ll still be reading the wrong thing.

Don’t piss off a person in a bad mood. They’ll just hate you more than they should in the end. That’s what I just did. Now I’m a little sad. If I really do have Asperger’s and/or Dyslexia….

I had to stop typing because I lost my train of thought. I apologized, then he apologized and now we’re cool. I’m not sad anymore.  Basically what happened was that I didn’t read what he wrote correctly, he got annoyed because I didn’t get it and he had to explain. This happens often, so it’s already a little bit annoying, plus, he was already having a bad day. I apologized, he read my message but didn’t reply. I got sad, started writing this entry, then he apologized, and I guess we’re not going to bed angry. He knows I feel bad and he’s actually trying to make me feel better. Are we ever going to happen, or is this how good friends act? I wouldn’t know because I don’t have any friends, except for my sister. I have no idea what’s going on here. What I do know, I’m going to bed happy.



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