Tall & Thin ≠ Model

I’ve actually been meaning to write this entry for the past few days, so I hope I don’t leave anything out.

The other day I went to a fashion show. It wasn’t bad. I enjoyed myself. The models were real everyday women. Different body types, it was nice. When the show was over there was this little dance/party. I didn’t dance, I’m shy. Maybe it was too bright, but the whole public dancing thing isn’t really my scene. So I skipped out on it and waited in the lobby for my mom (I had gone with her). When I reached the lobby, this guy approached me and asked why I wasn’t one of the models. I told him that I had only heard about the even a few days ago, so it would have been impossible for me to be in it. Plus I didn’t know any of the people that put the show together. He told me if they had more girls like me in the show, he would of had some of his pieces for women instead of men only. Then showed me what he would have liked me to wear…

I won’t show any pictures, but I will say that there was very little material to this article of “clothing.” Now don’t get me wrong, I respect art. I consider fashion a form of art, but from the beginning something rubbed me the wrong way about this guy. He proceeded to show me his Facebook photos and showed me what he thought I would like to wear. Well, from the brief minutes we were speaking, he knew I wasn’t one to show much skin. Not to mention I was completely covered up at this event. That’s when he showed me what he wanted to see me in. I don’t want to say I have self respect, because I’m not trying to imply that models don’t, but I have much more respect for myself then to walk on a stage half naked. What ever happened to modesty? Well, after turning him down, he proceeds to tell my mother that I’m a waste of a good body, and just like the great mother she is, she agreed.

This brings me to the title of this entry. Just because I’m tall & thin does not mean I must be a model. Just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I should play basketball either. And just because I choose not to do the things most people with my figure would do, that doesn’t automatically make me waste. I love my height, to a certain extent, but I love it. Maybe my height was meant for something greater, or nothing at all, but just because I’m not going to do what you would do if you had my physical appearance doesn’t make me waste.

Thanks for the support mom.


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  1. Whether you’re Tall & Thin, or Short & Fat, people will ALWAYS make assumptions… you’re not a waste at all… but just tap your shoulder and brush off these unnecessary comments. As long as YOU love who you are, then what these random strangers tell you won’t matter. And mothers- the same the world over.. they say these things without thought… and if they think about it, they come off as overbearing because it’s natural to expect things from the fruit of their loins. It takes a little (or constant) gentle nudging before they CAN or TRY to get you.

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