Why do I put up with his crap?

Honestly. He treats me like shit. He is a dick. I don’t know if he does it on purpose or not but it’s really starting to piss me off. Then makes me seem like I’m crazy. It’s weird though, he cares enough to tell me what’s going on in his life, but I have no idea if he even cares about what I have to say. And whenever I mess up my words, or didn’t think fully about what I’m about to say and make a mistake, suddenly I’m idiot, or stupid. This does qualify as verbal abuse right? Even if it’s quickly followed by “I’m kidding”. He’s just so rude at times and it irks me so much, until he starts talking to me again and I forget why I was upset in the first place. I’m thinking, maybe the reason he enjoys teasing me is because it’s so easy. Maybe other people tease him and so that he can feel powerful over someone else he teases me. I hope so, because if he really is like this, I shouldn’t be in a relationship with him. I should just forget him right now because he causes me more grief than joy.


(12 hours later)
I wrote the first half of this entry earlier today. Hours later. I still don’t get him. He calls and asks my opinion on little things that don’t matter, like if he should put things as his Facebook status or what not because be doesn’t want to look like an idiot. Sort of reminds me of a teenage girl. And if I seem like I don’t want to talk with him at the moment, or he thinks I’m upset with him, he gets really worried and asks me 100 times “Is it something I said?”

I don’t think I was ever meant to understand. I used to think he was waiting for me to get my life in order, but who would wait 3 plus years for another person?



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