Not a regular…

I’ve said this before, I will not be posting to this blog on a regular time schedule. As if it weren’t obvious. Nothing is going on in my life so I have nothing to share. I usually just write when I need to complain or vent about the imperfect life that is the way it is because of me and me alone. I’ll admit, I felt a little depressed a few days ago, then I got out of it. I did some Christmas shopping today. For once I actually went out with a goal and completed all the tasks on my list. That’s rare. I even got a few extra things that I’m not upset about either. For now. Today was an alright day. Now I’m off to bed. I have to be awake in 5 hours for work.

I haven’t forgotten. I’ve just got nothing to report.


I think when I post to my Facebook and/or twitter I’m going to start sharing that here as well. Just to get more variety on this blog. Words words words. Let’s get some music and pictures on here too.


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