I’ve finally decided I’m going to do it. After talking to family, the main person I was dreading to tell was my mom. She took it pretty well. She didn’t give any advice really, but she accepted my desicion and is even making jokes about what to do with my room. Now all I have to do is quit my job. Seeing as how I was going to do it anyways had I found something else, this shouldn’t be too bad.

How am I feeling? Terrified, excited, any other synonyms to describe those two feelings really. I don’t like change. The last time I made a big change I ended up regreting  it for a big portion of my life. Now here I am about to do it again. But I’m doing it on better terms now so I shouldn’t feel as scared. The only thing is that I just got this new phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and I feel it’s sort of pointless now. The main person I keep in contact with on this thing is my sister. Well, maybe I’ll still keep in touch with my buddy friend. We don’t talk as much but it’s better for me really. My feelings have changed towards him and I’m very relieved for that. Who knows, maybe with this move I’ll find someone too. I do expect things to change. Maybe I’ll even be happier. I have no idea what the future hold for me but I think it’s time I stop sticking to what I know and try something new. Take this phone for example. I freaking love it. The only thing is that it doesn’t tell me when I have spelling errors. I’m really need to find that setting if it exists on this phone. Irrelevant information.

I think that’s it for now. We’ll see how things go in the next few days. I have to write a resignation letter and figure out my finances. Because I’m going to be broke. This was so not apart of my plan, then again, nothing was.



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