I am the youngest between my sister and I. Loved it growing up because I always got my way. When she had a falling out with my mom, it’s almost as if I became an only child. I finally had my own room and everything in it was mine. Before you think I’m a cruel person, she went to live with my dad, she didn’t run away or anything. She was safe. Well for at least the past 10 years, I got used to it, and I always get a little crazy when someone comes and disturbs my stuff. If you’re going to take something of mine, at least have the decency to put it back where you took it from and properly. Anytime my sister came to visit we would go through this, but of course being the eldest, she didn’t listen to me.

Now that I’m living with her and my brother and law, I feel like I have nothing to myself. My sister shares bathrooms with me as to not wake up everyone else up. I’ve gotten used to that. But I’ve cleaned the bathroom to my liking and she just stars bringing things in, moving things around… Etc. And when I complain about this, somehow I’m the one in the wrong. I just feel like it’s not my stuff to move, so why move it. Her husband uses my room as his djing practice area, which is all cool. Again, I get it. It’s not my home and it’s your place before it’s mine. But don’t leave stuff lying around on the bed I sleep on at night. And glasses that aren’t being used anymore. Is it too much to ask for a little privacy, just a little, or am I being ungrateful?


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