What’s the point?

Honestly, what’s the point in talking to someone who refuses to listen? If I have a problem with something and I come to you about it and you don’t follow through it leads me to believe you have no respect for me what’s so ever. Then when you sign into my account on a social network and basically announce to the world my problems, that just takes it to another level or disrespect. Just because you don’t agree with my ways doesn’t man you have to ridicule them. It’s mean, and hurtful and I don’t see what joy you get out of doing something so immature.

Every night I put my phone to charge right next to me. This morning I wake up and instead of seeing my phone plugged in the charger, I see my sisters. Okay, she’s using my charger, that’s normal, but where’s my phone? I see the light on in the bathroom and call out her name. She doesn’t answer. I look around some more thinking, maybe she just put it somewhere, but again, no where to be found. I go into the bathroom and see her there with my phone. She said that her’s needed to charge and she was messing around on mine. Yes, she was sitting on the toilet, I know that’s a little TMI, but it makes a little sense as to why she had my phone in the bathroom. She likes to tweet from my phone sometimes because she says I don’t have enough followers and I don’t tweet often enough. I let her because I used to think we shared a level of respect for one another not to mess with each others things. I leave her in the bathroom and go back to bed. A few minutes later, she places my phone on my head. I put it under my pillow and go back to sleep

2 hours later I wake up. I always double check to see what’s she’s tweeted and one of the things she tweeted was “I get annoyed when other people touch my stuff, is that normal?” I know it may seem like nothing, but I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I don’t like it when people touch my stuff. Unfortunately in my case, I’m the one who has to settle and put up with her mistreatment towards me. So she tweeted from my phone. Okay, whatever, I can live with that, but she went too far with that one tweet. I’m not a personal person. People I know personally know anything about me. I rarely post on Facebook and Twitter. These people don’t need to know my business and problems.  Sure I have this blog, but I have no idea if anyones reading it. Plus, I have no idea who any of you are. I need to vent, let out my troubles. If I had an actual journal, I’m 100% sure my sister would read it if she found it.

*sigh* I feel a little better now that I’ve gotten that out. Unfortunately that doesn’t resolve my issue with my sister. She thinks she’s better than me. I could confront her, and if this stays on my mind any longer we will talk about it. She’ll be mad and tell me to grow up. Then go onto saying well I bought the food so don’t touch that and blah blah blah. Proof that she doesn’t understand. I just want to move out on my own, but I need a job. But I don’t have the confidence to get one so I’m just stuck. I’m trying to push myself. I’ve applied to places, but I’ve yet to get any call backs. I think it’s time I change what I’m looking for. I wasn’t meant to work in my field.



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