Just lock me up in a room.

All I need is a computer with the internet and I’ll be fine. If I didn’t have to socialize for the rest of my life I’d be great. My mind is going to a dark place today because I over thinking about someone else’s actions towards me. I don’t feel welcomed and I have no time to myself to cry. I stay up late only to regret it the next morning because someone else would rather ignore their responsibility as a parent to sleep in. Causing me to do their job when it’s not my place. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kid, but I’m not his parent and I would love more time than his nap time to just be alone with my thoughts. Is that too much? And just when I get a minute, he wakes up, now I’m gone to put on a smile and act like nothing wrong.




  1. I could live with just me & my laptop any day! Actually gimme a campervan & a laptop & I’ll be a happy bunny! I have had a crap few days too girl 😦 I hate this feeling. I will be emailing you back tomorrow evening. I’ve had a headache all day & just took some different pills…Spacing out a bit!

    Take care speak to you soon, Maria x

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