I Met A Girl On The Internet Five Years Ago And Still (Semi) Stalk Her

As a woman, I pretty sure I’m supposed to find this extremely creepy but I don’t. I actually find it somewhat sweet. Does that make me creepy??

Thought Catalog


I met a girl on mySpace when I was nineteen. She friend requested me and the only reason I accepted was because of how beautiful she was. The first time we got on AIM we talked for 12 hours straight and ended up video chatting, doing shots over the internet. I woke up at around 4 that morning, staring at an image of her sleeping on my computer screen. Never sleep with someone on the first date I chuckled to myself.

Two weeks later it was my twentieth birthday. I convinced a couple of my coworkers to take the eight hundred mile journey with me to go see her. We went, and I spent a magical afternoon and evening with her. Eventually, we found ourselves in her college dorm room making out and undressing each other. When she said that she should go get a condom, I froze up. I…

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