The Importance of Diagnosing Aspergers in Adults

Why is it important to identify Asperger’s Syndrome in adults?

I can’t remember what it was exactly that I was searching Google for, but I came across this article and related to it so much. I actually became a little more aware of my issues and actions. But now that I’m aware of my symptoms, like the article says, I need a support system. That’s my biggest problem at the moment. I know what I need to fix, I know what I need to do, but I would have one day of positive thoughts and be motivated, but once that day is done and I go to sleep, all motivation is lost and I no longer have a strong desire to change my ways to better my life. My sister knows how I am, but I don’t think she fully understands or cares, because if I were to give her the article to read, she wouldn’t read it. And since I don’t have many any friends, there aren’t any people I can turn to or rely on. So I feel like I’m stuck in this space for eternity, unless I do something about it, which then comes back to me not doing much of anything because of lack of support from other people. I know I should be living for myself, but if no one other than myself really wants to see me change, what’s the point?


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