I told him I liked him

One month ago, I was chatting it up with my cousin about my old friend who mistreated me but I thought he liked me. From everything I told her, she was convinced that he did. I always wanted to know the truth and I don’t know if it was the support I had from my cousin, but I needed to find out the truth about his feelings for me once and for all. So I went about it casually and told him that I liked him and wondered if he ever felt the same way. It took him a day to reply. Almost 24 hours for him to say “Like I’ve always said, we’re friends“. Being an aspie and thinking literally and logically, I kept saying to myself that the answer he gave me doesn’t actually answer my question. But I accepted it anyways and left the situation alone. We still talk. Nothing weird between us. Everything is fine. I just know I’m not going to bring it up ever again and just leave it as he said. We’re just friends.

Last week, out of no where he posts a picture online of him and his new girlfriend. I don’t know if he’s making it up or not. It would be pretty weird if he were making it up, but I didn’t congratulate him like all his other friends did. Apart of me does find it odd that he brought up a picture of this girl out of the blue and talking about love but it’s none of my business. Yes, I’m a little bit bitter, but the reason why I didn’t congratulate him is because I think it’s silly. He’s didn’t get married, he got a girlfriend. If people knew about him and her I imagine people would be saying something like finally. I don’t know. The whole thing just seems a little weird to me.

Fast forward to this week. BBM has been released for iPhone and Android users. We both installed it and added each other. Now I don’t know if BBM reminds him of the old days when we used to communicate with each other daily, but he has written me ever single day since we installed it on our phones. I could just be thinking way too much into this for no reason, but I don’t like games. I’m probably thinking too much of this, but I knew this day would happen eventually, and I knew I wouldn’t be the first one to be in a relationship.

Everything’s all in my head, I’m a crazy person and we’re just friends. The end.





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