Yay! A family reunion!

My family is trying to plan a reunion. Chaos I tell ya. And no one wants to compromise. If this does somehow work out, any bet the actual reunion will be way worse than the planning. They don’t even listen to what my sister has to say because for some reason, the family sees us as “privileged” because we grew up in Canada and went to college. One of my cousins already refuses to come to Canada for no reason, and tried to start something when a family member mentioned how they remember when my mom was pregnant with my sister and I. They mentioned other people too, but for some reason she singled us out. If it makes her feel any better, I could care less whether I see her too.

I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not mad that I don’t speak to most of my family and a part of me would like to keep it that way since they already shunned us out.

Have you ever been invited to a family’s wedding via MSN? Or actually invited to a family members house for a mini reunion with all the family that came in town for another family members wedding?

I really don’t care to go. I’m not social and I don’t like big groups of people.


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