Random Rambling Thoughts From Me (RRTFM)

I was bored. So I got a piece of paper and a pen and just started writing until I had no more to say. Here is what I wrote.

Sometimes, I feel like writing.
This day in age, everything is digital.
No one has a pen and paper anymore.
Want to jot down a note?
Open notepad.
Want to take down a number?
Just save it in your phone.
Do you know anyone’s cell number by heart?
If you lost your phone, how would you contact anyone?
Oh wait, your contact list is saved digitally on a “cloud”.
Just a little heads up,
If you’re ever hacked, or the company who you trust with all your information; who does your contact list belong to then?
Who does your life belong to?
Nothing is yours.
Even if you paid for it, it doesn’t really belong to you.
Back up all your shit, and trust no one.



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