I hate scammers

Now that I am actively searching for a job, I guess I will be getting emails like this every once in a while. I very glad that I study and analyze everything (most of the time) before I get myself in too deep.

ADY Finance Group. If you ever receive an email from them, it’s fake. What tipped me off?

  1. The email said my application was approved and that I got the job. I’ve applied to a lot of places the past few months, but I do not ever recall applying there.
  2. They asked for a copy of my passport. Ummm, no. I have no idea who you are, and I’ve never needed to give out that information for a new job.
  3. Their phone number and their location are in two different countries. At least put a number and address from the same state or province.
  4. Their address belongs to a mall.
  5. I searched Google for the company name and found a blog entry that was written in 2007. This guys brother (I think) got a job offer for a different position. Same company, except it was then located in a different country. For them, the company was located at a gas station. They did a domain search and found out that the website for the company was created a few days prior.
  6. I did as the other person did, I looked up their domain and found out that the website was created just a few days ago.

If there’s one thing I was never able to understand, it’s malicious people. I know in todays world everyone uses everyone for something. I myself have been taken advantage of in the past and I think I’m still having a hard time getting over it. But I was never able to understand how one person could take advantage of another and not feel any remorse. That’s one of the reason why I don’t have too many friends. I avoid people because I usually assume they want something from me, and oddly enough, I’m usually right. My sister actually told me that I may have a third eye for being able to read people, and I wouldn’t doubt it either. Most of the people my sister and I have come across, if I have ever told her, “I don’t like that person. I can’t pin point what it is, but there is something about them that I do not like”, usually, at least a year later, they do something to prove me right.

If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that I do not like hackers and I would really like to know how they knew I was looking for a job.



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