KRNE – Wolves (ft. MOONZz)

I once posted a playlist of some of the songs I was listening to at the moment, so my followers would have an idea of what I listen to. I love music and I’d love to share my favourites with anyone who won’t judge me. I wanted to do a monthly update of my top songs, but I never committed.

Well, I still have no intentions of committing to that, but here is a song that I just discovered (less than 5 hours ago), and it’s currently on constant repeat. Hope you enjoy.


So I just found out that this was a remake of Kanye WestWolves ft. Sia and Vic Mensa. I honestly had no idea. I used to be Kanye West fan but he went left as I went right and I really don’t listen to much of anything he does now. After listening to the original, I prefer the remake.


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