KRNE – Wolves (ft. MOONZz)

I once posted a playlist of some of the songs I was listening to at the moment, so my followers would have an idea of what I listen to. I love music and I’d love to share my favourites with anyone who won’t judge me. I wanted to do a monthly update of my top songs, but I never committed.

Well, I still have no intentions of committing to that, but here is a song that I just discovered (less than 5 hours ago), and it’s currently on constant repeat. Hope you enjoy.


So I just found out that this was a remake of Kanye WestWolves ft. Sia and Vic Mensa. I honestly had no idea. I used to be Kanye West fan but he went left as I went right and I really don’t listen to much of anything he does now. After listening to the original, I prefer the remake.


New song Alert

It’s very rare that I would listen to a song and my sister would enjoy it. I’m always afraid of being criticized for the music I listen to, that’s why only few people actually know what I listen to. And even the ones that do know, still criticize me because it’s not what everyone else listens to. It’s just “noise”. The reason why I like the music I listen to is because it isn’t like mainstream music of today. It’s different, very different. And with that being said, I would like to share a song with you all that my sister actually liked. Enjoy!

Candyland – Bring The Rain (BUSTED By heRobust)



Songs at the moment

I’ve realized that I very rarely share music on here. I’ve done it  once, and I’m very disappointed in that because I LOVE music. I love getting lost in it. So I will now quickly share my top 5 songs at the moment.

Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Latch (I love his voice)

Keys N Krates – Dum Dee Dum

Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith – La La La

Flux Pavillion ft. Childish Gambino – Do or Die

Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)

and the albums that I’m currently listening to are:

Disclosure – Settle

Flux Pavillion – Blow The Roof



I prefer songs without words because most of the songs out now are crap. I’m a beat girl, I’ve always been a beat girl. I never really paid attention to the words of songs. Sometimes, I could be listening to a song for months, singing along to it, and not realize till way later what it’s about. Sometimes I just stop listening to it all together because it’s really hard to ignore something once you’ve noticed it. I guess that’s why they say ignorance is bliss.

If I choose to continue listening to the songs, the song then becomes my guilty pleasure. Why? Because I’m ashamed that I listen to such nonsense. Not to sound arrogant, but I’m above this. What is it about the industry that music with good content is rarely heard? Then when these artists start to make it, you notice a change. Suddenly a few albums down the line you feel like you’re not listening to the same artist.

I have a theory, sort of. I’ve never really put MUCH thought to it so I don’t want to go into too much detail. I just want to say, that I don’t believe in coincidences. Never have. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Sure that sounds cliché, but it’s true. Nothing just happens. Theres always a series of events that happen before anything comes about. Whether or not you believe in God, you cannot disagree with this.

Unfortunately this is all I have to say on the matter. You should never stop writing mid thought because you might not get your train of thought back. That’s what I did and now I have to end this here.